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Waltham MA Dentist on Stopping Sensitivity

Your Waltham MA dentists at NK Family Dentistry want to know- are you feeling sensitive? And no, not “I just finished my series on Netflix and I don’t know what to do with myself…” sensitive. More like “I just drank a cup of hot coffee and my teeth are aching out of control” sensitive.


On a daily basis, our team treats patients suffering from teeth sensitivity that is often the result of a poor diet eroding the enamel over time. It is ingredients like acids and sugars in our foods and drinks that can be the main cause of this damage, including microscopic holes in the teeth that eat away to the center where the nerve is located. It is when external stimuli, such as food or drink, come into contact with this nerve that pain and ache can be a result.


Unfortunately, drinks and foods aren’t the only triggers of sensitive teeth pain. There is a whole slew of other habits and items that can lead to that aching feeling- many of which are documented in a list which you can access by Clicking Here.


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