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Clear Correct

Clearcorrect® is the ideal option for many patients looking to finally get the smile they have been dreaming of. Regardless of your age, lifestyle and schedule, Clearcorrect is the ideal option for most patients. These removable, clear molds align your teeth quickly and effectively. Our office in Waltham MA provides this highly sought-after treatment that helps solve many cosmetic and dental issues due to tooth misalignments.
Patients with the following issues may benefit from ClearCorrect® aligners:
·         Tooth crowding
·          Overbite
·         TMJ
·         Difficulty eating certain foods due to teeth alignment
·         Spaces, imbalances and other cosmetic concerns while smiling
·         Jaw pain, soreness or “popping”
·         Teeth grinding
·         Headaches

Patient 1: 37 Female problem was crowding in the lower teeth.  Treatment time was 6 months.

Please see before and after photos below:       



Patient 2: 20 Female problem was cross bite. Treatment time was 6 months.

Please see before and after photos below:



ClearCorrect® Provides the Benefits of Traditional Braces Invisibly
Many dentists in Waltham and nationally agree with Dr. Boudreau and Dr. Lui that ClearCorrect® braces are clearer and more affordable than other brands. Teeth are shifted to their proper place quicker than normal braces, without painful wires or distracting brackets on your teeth. Our staff discusses the process every step of the way and check the teeth on a regular basis to ensure that they are responding effectively to get a stunning smile.
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See What One of Our Patient's Had to Say Below:
“I am extremely happy with the results of my ClearCorrect retainers!  In only three short months my smile has improved dramatically.  Dr. Lui and staff were great with accommodating my schedule also.  I can’t thank them enough!”