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Replace Your Teeth with Waltham MA Dentures

Many patients who are interested in full complete dentures often ask if they have to go without teeth while the denture is being made.  The answer is No!  Immediate dentures provide patients with the option of receiving their denture the same day as their extractions.  The advantage of an immediate denture is the patient never has to be seen without teeth.  However, the patient will sacrifice the fit of the denture for aesthetics.  After extractions, the bone will heal and remodel tremendously within the first 4-6 weeks, therefore the process for traditional complete dentures do not start until 4-6 weeks after the extractions.  It allows time for the hard and soft tissue to heal and gives the dentist a better model to fabricate the denture.  With immediate dentures, they are fabricated from models before the extractions so the fit is compromised as the patient heals.  Patients are informed that they may need a reline a few months after they receive the immediate denture and should plan to make a new denture in the future.  Ask your dentist if an immediate denture is an option for you if you are interested in a complete denture.