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Dentist in Waltham Tells The Tooth!

Your dentists in Waltham at NK Family Dentistry pride themselves on not only their ability to re-create and protect a patient’s smile but on their ability to help patients answer questions…to educate them on sometimes complex oral health issues. It is part of the reason we keep a monthly oral health blog and part of the reason we try to answer all of your questions when you write us or come to see us in office.


Let’s face it, though- we all have been guilty of searching for something medical related online that we did not have a professional’s opinion on at the moment. And while the internet is great for educating and spreading information- it can also spread rumors and misinformation just as well. With that in mind, below we have addressed two specific dental rumors in hopes that we defuse them for good.


Pain Reliever Placement

When you have a toothache or any type of ache for that matter, the quicker the relief- the better. One delivery system some patients have reportedly seen help from is by simply placing a pain relief tablet or pill next to a sore tooth and letting it dissolve there. We could not and cannot advise against this enough. These pills have protective coatings on them so that they have a time release, and do not release their acidic contents on the throat or other soft tissues- but in the stomach instead. If placed in the mouth, a tablet like this can result in chemical burns- which may hurt worse than the initial ache.


Bleeding Gums and Brushing

It is more or less against human instinct to poke or prod at open wounds. Bleeding gums are an exception to the rule. Many patients will give us a call when they notice their gums are bleeding because they are concerned- as they should be. And while some patients could see bleeding gums as a result of a disease or vitamin deficiency, it is usually due to the fact they don’t brush or floss enough or properly. We suggest that you brush and floss despite the bleeding in order to make it ultimately stop.


For more information on the above dental rumors, or to find the truth about a certain one you have heard- contact the office of your Waltham dentist at NK Family Dentistry today by calling (781) 216-8097.