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Dental Bridges

Dental bridges consist of a false tooth and two anchors on either side, aimed at filling in the gap created by a missing tooth or missing teeth. Gaps in your smile can be potentially dangerous to your oral health as they can create changes in your bite that could be painful, and cause other teeth to shift. Bridges help alleviate these issues by using the surrounding teeth (as anchors) to fill in and "bridge" the gap with the false tooth, known as a pontic.
Why is it done?
-To replace a missing tooth or teeth
-Correct potential bite and jaw joint problems from teeth shifting to fill the space
-To improve chewing ability
-Desire for a more permanent solution than dentures
How it's done:
A minimum of two visits to NK Family Dentistry may be required for placing a dental bridge. At the first visit, three important steps are completed. First, the surrounding teeth may be filed down to prepare for crowns (acting as anchors) to fit over them. Secondly, an impression is taken of your teeth which will be given to our laboratory technician to prepare the bridge and crown. Finally, your Waltham cosmetic dentist will fit your teeth with a temporary bridge to protect them while the permanent bridge is prepared at the laboratory.
At the second visit, the temporary bridge is removed and the new bridge made in our laboratory is fitted and adjusted to your mouth. This procedure takes about two weeks.
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