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Dental Health: Considering A Mouth Guard

“Mouthguards - aren’t those only for people who play contact sports?”  This is a misconception held by most dental patients.  We, at NK Family Dentistry, feel that as a family dental practice it is important to talk to patients about all the ways they can protect their teeth and help improve not only their dental health, but also overall health.  
Signs You Could Need a Mouth Guard:
When your dentist notices wear on your teeth
When you find yourself grinding and/or clenching during sleep or stress
When you experience jaw pain, potentially causing headaches
When you have sensitivity in your teeth
If you experience or are concerned about any of the above signs, please call our office or mention during your next appointment.  We, at NK Family Dentistry, is one of the few dental practices with an on-site laboratory.  This means we can make your custom mouth guards within 2 to 5 business days and make any adjustments needed quickly!  This simple dental treatment tool helps many patients sleep better, have less jaw pain, and/or headaches caused by grinding.   Over the counter mouth guards are often thicker material and bulkier than a custom one. This additional bulkiness can cause discomfort, difficulty speaking or breathing, and may even damage your tooth alignment. Everyone's mouth is a different shape and size, so trying to use a one-size fits all mouth guard is unlikely to result in a proper fit.  Which makes custom built mouth guard, from NK Family Dentistry, a better long-term solution, that is easy to fabricate and can save years of wear and tear on your teeth!   
“I personally wear an occlusal guard due to my grinding at night and it has helped with the jaw pain I used to experience every morning I woke up." From Dr. Lui, NK Family Dentistry
Talk to our dentists in Waltham about any jaw pain or grinding pain you are experiencing, maybe a mouth guard is a simple, inexpensive and easy solution to you!   Remember we are dedicated to help you achieve your long-term dental and overall wellness goals!