Waltham MA Dental Implants | Choosing Implants or Dentures

Your Waltham MA Dentists Weigh In on Tooth Replacement

As a top Waltham MA dental implants provider, NK Family Dentistry offers patients some of the best treatment methods for solving tooth loss available today. One of the most successful options would definitely be the aforementioned dental implants, but dentures are still a relevant treatment method utilized by many patients.


These two techniques are of course separated by years of application and are implemented in very different styles, but both have their own advantages. Today we will be taking a look at these two treatments side by side in order to see what may be the best option for you!


When many patients hear the word “dentures,” a certain image can appear in their minds. A grandparent taking their dentures out, placing them in liquid on a nightstand…we know the imagery all too well. And while dentures are still sets of artificial teeth that can replace missing ones, they are much stronger and more natural looking than ever before today. For a larger amount of teeth that need replacement, dentures could definitely be, and still are, a great option for many patients.


Dental implants, on the other hand, typically take a more “one by one” approach to tooth loss replacement than a full set of dentures. Implants are implemented by fusing a titanium post to the jaw bone and tissue, and then capping this post with a porcelain crown. The crown is created specially to match the natural shape and color of your other teeth. Placement can take a little longer (on average 6 months) compared to denture work due to all of the healing time that will be needed in-between steps.


Looking at these options side by side, it is clear that both are not always optimal for every patient. Implants have a more stable and comfortable bite and natural appearance to them but definitely have a higher price tag. Dentures may not always be the most natural looking or be helpful in eating certain foods, but are more affordable and can be a better solution for replacing multiple teeth lost.


Overall- the decision on the form of treatment will be a combination of assessment from your top provider of dental implants in Waltham MA, and you- the patient.


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