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Waltham Dental Discuss Effects of Untreated Ankylosed Tooth

An ankylosed tooth is a dental condition where the tooth is connected directly into the bone. The root of the teeth is normally covered with a gum tissue that holds it in the dental socket. It does not touch the bone directly. The root or bone material of an ankylosed tooth connects the tooth directly with the bone.


Growth and Development of the Face


Since the tooth is connected directly to the bone it does not move. As the child grows and the jaw bone develops, the ankylosed tooth will remain in place. In this situation, the ankylosed tooth will become impacted, which will cause the jaw bone to become distorted. The distortion on the jaw bone will have a negative effect on the growth and development of the face.


Poor oral hygiene


An infection on the jaw bone or the tooth can cause an ankylosed tooth. This infection normally happens when the tooth is injured or the person suffers from gum disease. This situation arises from poor oral hygiene, which causes dental caries.




An ankylosed tooth can cause the teeth become misaligned. This condition is called malocclusion. Since the ankylosed tooth does not move, it can affect the growth of the other teeth. This will cause a misalignment of the upper teeth and the lower teeth.


Speech Impairment


An ankylosed tooth can cause a deformity in the jaw. Aside from affecting the facial structure, a deformed jaw can also cause speaking problems. Malocclusion can also contribute to this condition since the upper teeth and lower teeth are not aligned properly.


Impacted Tooth


When a tooth becomes ankylosed, it takes up the space needed for the permanent tooth to come out. Due to this, the permanent tooth will become impacted. A tooth is considered impacted when it remains in the bone or gum tissue and does not come out properly.


It is important to treat an ankylosed tooth the moment it is detected. If left untreated, the situation can lead to a number of issues affecting the person suffering from an ankylosed tooth.