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Do you have a dental emergency?

We want to solve your dental emergency for you today. Call us today at (781) 216-8097.



What are typical dental emergencies?

  • • Toothache: Any patient with tooth pain that needs to be calmed by Advil, Tylenol or Aspirin should be seen immediately.
  • • Infected Gum: This describes a gum that is swollen, red, bleeding, or hurting and should be seen immediately.
  • • Broken Tooth: Teeth break and sometimes they hurt while other times not, but need to be checked immediately regardless.
  • • Lost Filling: If a filling falls out, then it should be repaired immediately to minimize future problems.

Cosmetic Dental Emergencies

  • • Broken Front Tooth: It may not hurt, but it looks really bad!
  • • Crown Fell Out: We can attempt to put it back in or make a new one today!



NK Family Dentistry is designed to be able to help patients with dental emergencies on the day that they call if possible because we understand the risk and discomfort of waiting.  Our team is efficient and prepared to give you the best solution which can range from a simple filling to a root canal, post and crown.  Our team works hard to help every patient  in our Waltham office making it convenient and easy for you.