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Waltham Family Dentist Discusses Fillings Versus Crowns

For many patients, it can be confusing as to why sometimes fillings are placed and at other times crowns are necessary.  NK Family Dentistry follows the guidelines of the American Dental Association which defines fillings and crowns as:
It is important to understand that fillings are used when part of a tooth is destroyed by dental caries.  It is the size of destruction that determines if a filling or crown is indicated.  Most dentists agree that if the surface area of the tooth is more than ½ compromised a filling will not be strong enough to withstand the pressure of chewing.
Crowns are strong and are meant to restore teeth that have more than one half of the tooth structure compromised either from decay, root canals, cracks or from fillings that have broken down.  They are the strongest and most durable restorations dentistry has to offer.  They are cleansable, comfortable and cosmetic. 
Most of the recommended crowns SAVE TEETH:
- To protect a tooth that had a root canal
- To protect a tooth that had a large/usually old filling
- To protect a tooth that has chipped
They are also used for esthetic purposes:
- Front Teeth Cosmetics
- After implant placement
- Bridge
Doctor's at NK Family Dentistry strive to put the patient first when recommending treatment. When patients have cavities (decay), we recommend tooth colored fillings to remove the active decay.  But for large cavities, the tooth structure is greatly compromised resulting in the need for a crown to function properly.  
We take great pride in our work and want to give every patient the best options for great oral health.  This blog will hopefully provide some insight for why crowns are the better choice under various conditions.
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