Waltham MA Dentist Explains Gingivitis vs Periodontitis

The Facts: Gingivitis Versus Periodontitis


By Robin Krause-Capello


Detective Sergeant Joseph “Joe” Friday would say “Just the facts, ma’am”.


The fact is we as humans have lots of bugs, we have good and bad bacteria. We are willing to spend money on pills that have microorganisms to make our stomachs feel better. This is about putting more good in to take over the bad. Since the mouth is the gateway to the body the struggle for good bugs starts. We know when the bad bugs start winning because we get “a little blood” when we floss. This is a sign of gingivitis a reversible disease. Dental professions will help you update your skills to help fight back and help the good bugs win.


When we are losing the battle against the bad bugs, our toothbrush may have blood on it or a bad taste from our teeth. If it is periodontal disease the fibers that hold our teeth in our mouths are dying and our bone is dying. Sadly once the bone is gone it will not grow back. However when your dental professional works with you to create a strategic plan to grow back the good bugs and you learn ways that work for you it’s an investment for you to win this battle and that’s a fact.