How Can ClearCorrect Help Me? | Waltham MA Dentist

Waltham dentist describes ClearCorrect treatment for misaligned smiles


Misaligned teeth can negatively affect the appearance of the smile. Patients with misaligned teeth in the dental arch may experience overcrowding or gaps between the teeth that can detract from an otherwise beautiful appearance. Drs. Vy Tran and Kirsten Lui of NK Family Dentistry encourages patients in the Waltham area to visit their dentist to learn about orthodontic treatments.


While patients think of orthodontic treatment with an orthodontist, they can now achieve the same results with treatment from their Waltham area dentist. Many dentists are starting to undergo training to provide orthodontic alternatives for patients who are turned off by the idea of conventional metal bracket and wire braces. Drs. Vy Tran and Kirsten Lui are excited to offer another way of achieving a more beautiful smile called ClearCorrect.


ClearCorrect is a treatment for misaligned teeth. Instead of brackets and wires repositioning the teeth within the smile, ClearCorrect uses clear aligner trays. These trays slide over the dental arch and provide fast and effective repositioning of the smile. The primary benefit of these trays is their appearance. Patients wear the trays day and night but they are difficult to discern from the smile because they are made with clear acrylics. Patients obtain an entire series of trays made with digitized impressions and wear each one for two weeks at a time before progressing to the next one in the series. By doing this, patients will enjoy gradual realignment of the teeth for a more natural look, while avoiding the coverage of the teeth with brackets and wires. Many patients love using ClearCorrect because they can improve their smile without unsightly metal.


Interested in working with a quality dental team for orthodontic alternatives? Now is the best time to contact the practice of NK Family Dentistry to discuss the possibility of achieving a more beautiful smile with solutions such as ClearCorrect. Contact Drs. Vy Tran and Kirsten Lui at (781) 216-8097 or visit them personally at 520 Main Street in Waltham, MA. Their practice is ready and willing to accept new patients in the community who are ready to rejuvenate their smiles!