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Receive immediate dentures with Waltham area dentist


Waltham, MA are patients interested in having dentures are often worried about going without teeth if preparing for full dentures. This is why a dentist can provide immediate dentures. At NK Family Dentistry, Drs. Vy Tran and Kirsten Lui encourage patients to consider this option when faced with full dentures.


Full dentures are dentures made of acrylic. They are fabricated with false teeth as well as false gums. With immediate dentures, patients do not have to go without teeth. The process starts with the prefabrication of the dentures. This is done before patients have their teeth extracted. The upper and lower jaws are fitted with impressions and bite records are taken. These molds are sent to the in-house dental laboratory for the fabrication of the dentures well before extractions are completed. A second appointment is made for the extraction and placement of the dentures.


At the second appointment, the dentist removes the teeth and then places the dentures in right away. This is perfect for keeping down swelling and allowing the area to heal. The dentures are taken out at night. Patients are advised as to how to care for their dentures as well as their smile during this transition to reduce the risk of infection and other problems that may occur post-surgery without proper attention. After the healing process has begun, patients start to enjoy their new smile and begin the process of adjusting to their new teeth. Our dental staff can walk patients through every step of the way so patients can rest easy knowing they made the right choice for their oral health and wellness.


The practice of Drs. Vy Tran and Kirsten Lui is excited to offer immediate dentures so our patients do not have to go without teeth for any extended period of time. If you want to find out more information these immediate dentures, contact our team today by calling (781) 216-8097 and speaking with our front office team! We gladly accept new and existing patients into our practice for quality, comprehensive dental care solutions.