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Meet the Team: Spotlight on Dr. Kirsten Lui

We, at NK Family Dentistry, know walking into a new dentist office can be nerve racking!  To help with this, we are dedicating part of our blog calendar to letting you “Meet the Team” before you walk through the doors of our Waltham dental office!  Our December spotlight is on Dr. Kirsten Lui!  We recently sat down with Dr. Lui to ask her some questions we thought our patients would want to know about her background and why she chose to practice dentistry! 
What Interested You in Dentistry?  
I am from a very small community in Canada, Windsor Ontario and when I was a child I had many dental issues with cavities.  I visited our family dentist many times and I eventually became friends with my dentist.  He always made these frequent trips pleasant and helped me to not be nervous when seeing him. Because of the trusting relationship my family had with him, even when he moved out a distance away, I continued to visit him and valued his opinion as a professional.  When it came time for me to choose a college path/career I asked him his opinion on what I would be good at.  He was the one who first suggested I look at dentistry as a profession.  He was so kind and compassionate with my personal care – I knew I wanted to and could provide care like that to my patients.  When I go home to Canada, I always visit him both as my dentist and socially.  
Favorite Part of Dentistry? 
Seeing a patient satisfied with their care and happier about their teeth when they leave is my favorite part!  This could come from a great visit, or they learned a new self-care technique, or they leave without any anxiety of coming back – I am a huge proponent of providing things like headphones, stress balls or any type of natural remedy to relieve a patient’s anxiety.  When patients are comfortable and in a trusting environment, they are more likely to keep regular appointments and practice good self-dental care at home.  Therefore, they live a happier and healthier life. 
What Brought You to NK Family Dentistry, Waltham Dental Office? 
I have practiced a couple of places since graduating from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, which is also Dr. Cummings alma matter.  A mentor at Tufts had such high regard for Dr. Cummings practice that I knew it was a place I could be in a family practice with a ‘like minded’ team, help patients through compassionate care, provide them important self-care education and be supported in my continued professional development.  But, I should mention the team is amazing, always smiling, passionate about providing quality dental care, ready to make a patient feel at ease, providing personalized hygiene plans – this is not your standard family practice and I am proud to be a part of it. 
What Patients Don’t Know About You? 
I currently work 3 days a week at NK and the remainder of the week I work for a mobile dental clinic.  This clinic serves the geriatric population that live in assisted living homes that struggle to get to a dentist on their own.  This is important as we age because good dental care allows us to be able to get proper nutrition which is a key part of staying healthy in our later years.  In both practices, my focus is to not only help patients with their immediate dental needs, but also educate them on the importance of home self-care.  
With her commitment to compassionate and quality care, through her training and own personal dental experience – she is a great leader within the NK Family Dentistry and our patients love coming to see her!  Haven’t seen your Waltham, MA dentist in a while? Call us to schedule your appointment and experience the compassionate and family care all our patients receive!