Always in Your Corner | Emergency Dentist Waltham

NK Family Dentistry: Always in Your Corner in an Emergency

Having dinner with your family and you hear a crack in your mouth?  Your child forgets to put the glove in front of their face and now you are in the dugout holding an ice bag?  Who do you call……NK Family Dentistry!  These things in life will happen, so it is important that you have a dentist who is always available and ready to be, at your side, through any mouth emergency!  
It’s one thing to say we will always be there, but we invite you to read about some of our patient’s experiences to ‘show’ you how we are THE emergency dentist in Waltham to see.   
Woman, Age 40
A woman called with discomfort in the upper left, we immediately had her come to the office.  She wasn’t a patient, but no one should have to suffer in pain.  We were able alleviate her discomfort that day and save her tooth.  Our team explained to this patient that she needed to have a full examination and treatment plan prepared so that the problem did not reoccur.  She was so happy with us, that she and her husband became patients.  Our family dental office sees anyone in pain on the same day they call.
Male, Age 62 
Another patient came in with discomfort in his jaw, with the tooth could not be saved.  The team worked together to extract it with minimal pain.  Upon procedure completion, he scheduled a complete evaluation.   We offered him solutions to help save his other teeth, with no future extractions.  With this personalized tiered treatment plan, created by the NK Team, he completed the initial treatment plan.  He is currently replacing the extracted tooth with a dental implant with the help of Dr. Cummings. This patient recently expressed his gratitude for Dr. Lui’s and the team support of his dental health.
Woman, Age 18
A young local college student scheduled an appointment for having some discomfort for a failed filling.  Since it was her first time in the United States receiving care, we discussed thoroughly the dentist's concerns and explained the recommended treatment.  The patient was so thankful we accommodated her busy schedule that she completed her treatment plan and is completely committed to her recall visits and improved self-care routines.  
We are proud to provide all our patients with compassionate care and there is no situation like emergency care that needs compassion more!