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Regardless of the kind of tooth filling you have, it requires maintenance and proper care. Keep in mind that the reason why you got a dental filling is to bring back your undamaged tooth. You certainly want it to last for several years. Knowing how to take good care of your dental filling is important in keeping them in great condition. Below are some oral tips for your dental fillings.


Sensitivity for new tooth fillings

If you’ve just recently had a dental filling, know that you’re likely to experience sensitivity to cold and hot foods/drinks for about 3 months. If the sensitivity goes beyond 3 months, you should inform your dentist about it.


Avoid certain foods

- Try to avoid hot or cold foods and drinks as they can expand or shrink the dental filling. When the filling material expands, this will affect its strength and durability.

- Hard foods can also fracture your dental filling. Avoid chewing too hard and eating crunchy foods.

Sticky foods can stick on the tooth filling and may lead to cavity production.


Check your bite

Always check your bite to see if the filling is still properly aligned. Observe some misalignment. If it’s uneven, then your dentist may have to reshape the filling. Settle issues immediately by visiting your dentist.


Observe for pain

Patients who have large tooth filling normally experience mild pain. But sharp, shooting sensation around your gums may mean that your tooth fillings are too close to each other, thus, making your gums more sensitive. This problem is more common with silver and amalgam fillings but rarely happens in newer composite fillings.


Daily oral care

Your oral hygiene is the most important. Your dental filling can last for about 5 years or more depending on the type of material used. But efficient care can make your dental filling last even longer.

- Keep them clean by using a special toothpaste (which your dentist recommends) to relieve sensitivity and aid in strengthening your dental filling.

- Make sure to brush twice daily and floss once a day.


Always schedule regular checkups with your dentist to address issues before they can develop. With proper care of your oral health, you minimize the risk of damage to your current fillings.