Waltham MA Dentist | The Process of Placing a Dental Crown

Waltham, MA area dentist describes the process of placing a dental crown


There are several ways in which a dentist in the Waltham, MA area can help patients achieve the smile of their dreams. When problems arise, it is essential that patients have a professional who can help them in addressing these common issues. When it comes to general and restorative dentistry, dental crowns often play an important role.


Dental crowns are restorations sometimes referred to as “caps.” These porcelain restorations are made to cover the entire visible surface of a tooth including the top and sides. It does this to provide an extra layer of strength and protection for an otherwise weak or susceptible tooth. Crowns are placed for a number of reasons. They may cover a dental implant to function as a false tooth, or fuse to a false tooth called a pontic to create a bridge. Crowns can add strength to teeth that have been weakened by a large cavity, root canal therapy, or breakage. This versatile restoration is available at most dental practices.


Placing a dental crown starts with preparations. This includes removal of a portion of the tooth enamel around the entire tooth. By doing this, the dentist eliminates bulk which may otherwise be added once the crown is put in place. After preparations, impressions are made. These molds are used to create a dental crown that fits precisely over the existing tooth structure. A temporary crown is placed while the new crown is fabricated at a dental laboratory and returns approximately one week later. Patients return to the practice for the bonding of their crown in place, finishing the job ad providing a long-term restoration for patients who properly care for them over the years.


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