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Get Immediate Results with Same-Day Dentures

At NK Family Dentistry, we understand that there is much more to tooth loss than the physical impact. Patients who lose the function and structure of their natural teeth also carry a heavy emotional burden. It is our goal to lighten this load by introducing solutions that will meet each person's individual needs. One of the ways that we can meet the emotional and physical needs of a patient is to plan tooth replacement with immediate dentures.
Same-Day Dentures: What and Why?
Immediate dentures, or same-day dentures, are appliances that are made for temporary use. They are designed and fabricated prior to the visit in which remaining teeth are extracted. In doing this, we are able to seat the "new teeth" immediately. One of the most significant benefits of the pre-treatment planning is that we are able to use natural teeth as a guide in the creation of the temporary denture. Clearly, the other notable advantage of this method is that there is zero time in which the patient must be without teeth.
Having physical function and an attractive smile is important. However, there are additional benefits to the same-day denture process. Extracting several teeth can be somewhat traumatic to the gums. By placing the new denture over gum tissue following the removal of natural teeth, we aid in the healing process. The denture acts as a type of bandage, and it can keep post-extraction swelling to a minimum. Also, because new teeth are immediately in place, the patient is able to begin acclimating to their new oral structure right away, rather than learning to speak and eat without teeth, and then with them.
One of the important aspects of tooth extraction and replacement with dentures is the learning curve that needs to happen. If this is not expected, it could be perceived as a challenge. The fact is, the tongue and cheeks are used to one thing, and they get replaced with something else. Regardless of how closely we can replicate natural structure, there will be a period of adaptation. This learning curve will occur again when the temporary fixture is replaced with the final denture.
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