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Dentist in Waltham on the Tooth-Colored Solution

As the top dentists in Waltham, it seems at least most days we treat a patient that is suffering at the hands of a cavity. And while these pesky instances of dental decay have been around as long as we have, the means of dealing with them has changed quite a bit over time. One of the changes worth discussing is the usage of a composite, or tooth-colored fillings, in the treatment of cavities. The following will provide some beneficial information on these fillings, as well as comparisons placing them against amalgam (silver) fillings.


A majority of the advantages of composite resin fillings come from what they are made out of. A resin based medium is mixed with either a glass or quartz filler, which lends itself to them being teeth colored. With this natural looking teeth ability, being able to be placed anywhere in the mouth, especially highly visible areas, is just the tip of the iceberg.


Composite fillings also help in saving the structure of the tooth as well. Where in amalgam fillings you typically see larger portions of tooth removed, strictly the decayed bits need to be taken out when being filled with composite resin. They also benefit from the fact that they are indeed not metal, like silver, and thus do not suffer from expansion or contraction when exposed to heat.


Just as no smile can be flawless, no filling can be either. Though tooth colored fillings have an abundance of advantages for making them a prime option for filling cavities, you should discuss your choices with NK Family Dentistry, your dentists in Waltham, to see what the ultimate decision should be.


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