Tips to Make Your Dental Visit Stress Free | Waltham Family Dentist

Your Waltham Family Dentist Wants To Make Your Dental Visit Stress Free

It is estimated that between 9% and 13% of people avoid going to the dentist due to anxiety and many others are anxious as well.  We, at NK Family Dentistry understand and work with you, even before you arrive in our office to elevate any concerns our patients might have.   Our team trains daily to provide you the best dental experience - from how we answer the phone to your walking into our office.  
From office tours - to providing you with an easy to understand dental treatment plan, dental professionals should always strive to keep your comfort and concerns in the forefront of their mind and treatment.  In addition, there are things that you can do as a patient to help also.  
Dental Visit Tips: 
1. Bring your favorite music and ear buds to listen to during the procedure. Listening to songs or a podcast will make chair time go by faster!
2. Schedule your appointment during the least stressful part of your day.  We all know our schedule best, whether before your day starts or at the end of a productive day – NK Family Dentists can accommodate your schedule. 
3. Make sure you know the names of who your dental professionals are.  This personal connection is very important to your comfort level. 
4. Remember to take deep breaths and have a hand signal so you can let your dental professionals know if you are getting nervous and need to take a break.  
5. Talk about your fear when you call us to make your appointment.  We are here to help make this the best experience possible.  
Remember, putting off your bi-annual appointments won’t help your dental health, but by keeping your appointments, you are taking care of your teeth and working to avoid costly emergency dental procedures in the future!  Schedule your next appointment today with your Waltham family dentist by calling (781) 216-8097.