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What Tooth Replacement is Really all about


Your teeth are fixtures that you are so used to that you inherently expect them to be there. All of them. Forever. If you lose a permanent tooth, like many adults have, you realize that these oral structures are not impervious - and also that they are pretty darn important. These realizations may drive you to do whatever you can to preserve the rest of your teeth for your lifetime. But what do you do about the one or the few that have been lost? What do you do if you are reading this and you have already lost all of your natural teeth? Do not fret. At NK Family Dentistry in Waltham, MA, you have a dentist who can help you get back to the functional, healthy smile you deserve.


The Real Point of Tooth Replacement

Historically, tooth replacement has been all about the tooth; the crown of the tooth, that is. As we have learned through decades of clinical practice, this is simply not enough. Natural teeth have more than a crown, they also have a root system. It is this structure that enables teeth to remain intact and in place when you bite and chew. Without roots, what are teeth tethered to? Nothing.

The development of dental implant treatment has changed the game of tooth replacement. Patients can now replace their teeth and the vital root structure that is necessary in order to obtain benefits such as:


  • Structural soundness. A dental bridge is stabilized by two healthy teeth (which must be reduced to do so). A denture really has no stabilization, just suction. After dental implants are inserted into the place where roots used to be, bone grows around them. This recreates the same structure that exists with natural teeth.
  • Confidence. Teeth aren't just there to help us bite and chew. They are also necessary for proper speech, and they hold up the lips and the cheeks so they don't fall inward. When you are unable to form all the sounds you would like, or when you feel worried that your teeth may slip, the first thing to go is your confidence. Restoring stability restores confidence.
  • Health and wellness. Until you lose your teeth, you don't really understand just how much they enable you to enjoy optimal health. Men and women who rely on dentures often express disappointment that they can no longer eat the foods they used to. The consequence of dietary changes is often diminished immunity and general health. Because implants can stabilize dentures, these structures can get you back to a healthy diet.

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