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General Dentist Waltham MA on Protecting Your Brush

While the Waltham MA office of your #1 general dentists at NK Family Dentistry will be equipped with not only the best doctors and staff around but the best equipment, you- the patient- believe it or not will have some of the best equipment for cleaning your teeth at your very home. That’s right! Your toothbrush, if utilized properly and daily, can help maintain your amazing oral health potentially more efficiently than any procedure or treatment we can perform for you.


But just as our equipment needs to be cleaned thoroughly after every use to help deter oral bacteria and other health concerns- so must your brush. Today we have compiled some tips and tricks to keep your brush clean so that you always receive the best regimen you can get!


To begin, and well, to end in a way, make sure you always are washing the head of your brush out with hot water at the beginning and ending of your routine. The flow of this water, in combination with the stroke of a finger through the bristles, should help loosen up and wash away and lingering bacterial particles. Following brushing, make sure you store your brush upright in a container that allows for plenty of air flow. Containment can actually ensure bacterial growth, not deter it. While in its holder, make sure your brush never contact other brushes or surfaces. Lastly, make sure you replace your brush every 3-4 months altogether.


By following the above steps, brushing and flossing daily, and keeping regularly scheduled appointments with your general dentist in Waltham MA at NK Family Dentistry, you can maintain a smile and fantastic oral health that sustains throughout the years. To schedule an appointment, call our office today at (781) 216-8097.