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What is a Family Dental Practice?


This month we consider ourselves fortunate to be invited to celebrate one of our patient’s (Fred) 100th birthday with him and his family.   We invite you to view our pictures of the festivities on our facebook page, but this experience prompted us to think – ‘what should our patients expect from a family dental practice’?   A family dental practice can mean several things, but for us there are 3 key elements. 
We Care About Our Patients!  We will know you by first name as you walk in the door.  You aren’t a number or the second to the last patient of the day.  Your medical history, smile expectations and dental concerns are important to us.  So, if you are a new patient - we will ask a lot of questions!  Then use this information to help serve you better on visit one, through your dental life - just like Fred’s! The more we know about how your mouth feels and how you feel about your mouth – the better we can be a partner in your dental health, from crowns, to root canals, or even esthetic procedures like teeth whitening.  
Our Patients Trust Us!  And we work to keep that trust every day.  Have a dental emergency?  Call us and we will talk you through what is going on and see you as soon as possible.  Once in the office, we will focus on your comfort and care, so that you understand the procedures, but also know we will help to manage your pain and anxiety in any way possible.  Your trust goes beyond emergencies, but also that a smiling face will greet you, we will be running on-time and that all clinical procedures will be the highest quality possible.  Read our testimonials to hear about other patient's experience. 
We Provide the Highest Quality Clinical Treatment!  Our entire staff goes through training many times throughout the year to keep informed about the latest available clinical treatment options for our patients.  If there is a new technology, like Florida Probe, that we can bring into the practice to better educate our patients on their dental health – we do it!  At NK we have the advantage of an on-site lab, so we can control the quality of our dental restorations and ensure that each result is what the patient is looking for.
All this is what a family dental practice should be and are NK Family Dentistry core values.  Being able to provide this level of quality and care to our patients and their family is why we come to work every day!  Call us today at (781) 216-8097 to schedule an appointment with the top dentist in Waltham.