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Answering your Waltham Root Canal Questions

My dentist tells me I need a root canal, what does that mean? Often patients are extremely nervous when they hear they have to get a root canal. There’s really no reason to be. It really is a painless procedure and can help save your tooth.


Why would you need root canal therapy (RCT)?

  • There is a large cavity in your tooth that involves the nerves inside of the tooth. This is often associated with pain/toothache.
  • There is an infection around the root of your tooth which can cause swelling. Patients may or may not feel any pain.
  • There is so much tooth structure missing from your tooth that you need a post placed inside your root space to retain the filling material.
  • The tooth previously had a root canal but is now reinfected. The root canal will need to be redone or retreated.


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What is involved in the root canal procedure?

  • The main purpose of root canal therapy is to disinfect the entire tooth (including the roots) of bacteria. This will essentially also render the tooth non-vital and it will no longer have sensation.
  • The dentist will get you numb first with novocaine A small access hole will be made through the top of the tooth.
  • The dentist will clean the inside of the entire tooth and pack a sterile rubber based filling material inside the roots.
  • The access hole will be patched with a permanent or temporary filling material depending on the case It is highly recommended to have a crown placed on the tooth shortly after the root canal to protect the tooth from cracking.


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